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Insurance for E-Commerce

At JustShip, we offer insurance at 2.4% of your declared item cost to safeguard your shipment against loss or damage. However, the insurance is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Items of extraordinary value, such as precious gemstones, rare collectibles, high-value art pieces, or expensive technology, may not be covered by our standard insurance due to their high risk and cost. Items with difficult-to-ascertain values, like antiques or custom-made goods, may also not be covered since their cost isn't straightforward or easily determined.

Furthermore, the approval of insurance claims depends on factors such as adequate packing, initial box condition, and the use of protective materials like bubble wrap for fragile items. High-quality packaging is crucial to prevent any issues with claim processing. FedEx, our courier partner, will not take responsibility for shipping damages arising from inadequately packed shipments.

If you find that our insurance coverage doesn't fully meet your needs, you're free to explore other insurance options. Some of our customers use services like Secursus Insurance for expensive items like watches to ensure comprehensive coverage for their shipments.

In case your item is lost during shipping and you've purchased insurance, you will be compensated for the lost parcels' value. For damaged shipments, our shipping partner, FedEx, will conduct an investigation to determine if the damage resulted from insufficient packing or mishandling during transit. If it's established that the package was adequately packed for transit and you've opted for insurance, you will be compensated based on FedEx’s final assessment and investigation.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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