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Submitting Recipient Details

We understand that sometimes you might not have complete recipient details. However, having comprehensive recipient information - including a valid phone number and email address - can be crucial for a smooth delivery process, particularly so if you're shipping to a company for e-commerce orders or corporate transactions.

Courier services like FedEx, as well as customs authorities, may need to reach out to the recipient for additional information during the customs clearance process. This could include details like business registration number, EORI number, or IOSS VAT number.

Incomplete or absent recipient information may lead to the package being rejected by customs and sent back to Singapore. Please be aware that in such cases, you, as the shipper, would bear the full return charges. To mitigate this risk, it's worth verifying if your recipient can provide the necessary details before shipping.

However, we recognize that you might prefer to ship with the information you have at hand, and we're more than willing to facilitate this. Just keep in mind the potential risks as described above, and that by choosing to proceed, you understand and accept these risks.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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