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Duties & Taxes for E-Commerce

Is my shipment taxable?

Once the value of your shipment exceeds the tax and duty threshold for the destination country, your shipment will most likely be subject to import charges. This applies to all types of shipments, including personal effects, gift shipments, and repair & returning shipments.

Option #1: Delivered Duty Paid (Prepaid by sender)

We give you a quote before your package gets shipped out - to pay an upfront, fixed charge for us to handle your duties and taxes. Thereafter, you won’t need to engage with customs. Some benefits:

No more rude shocks.
Your recipients are spared from paying. This is important especially if your package is a gift.
Increase the speed of clearance for customs. Your parcel will not need to be held at customs, pending payment confirmation.
No more return shipments caused by your recipient abandoning the shipment.
Money savings! Handling fees resulting from post-paid taxes can be 3-4 times more costly.

Handling fees are now pegged at a flat fee of $20.

Option #2: Delivered Duty Unpaid (Billed to recipient)

Your package gets quoted with duties and taxes by customs when it arrives at the destination country. These charges are billed by customs to your recipient.

If you are confident that the items will not be taxed or you are open to your recipient getting billed for duties and taxes later, you can choose to have the charges paid by recipient instead. That will mean that you will not be required to make any upfront payment for duties & taxes prior to your shipment.

If there are any import charges incurred for your shipment, it will be billed to your recipient directly after parcel arrives at the destination country. Package will be released for delivery after payment of the charges. The package will be returned to Singapore at the shipper's cost if the payment is not made by the deadline.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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