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I left my items in Singapore, will you be able to retrieve it from the location and ship it to me?

Certainly! We offer retrieval and shipping services for lost and found items, ensuring they are safely delivered to your location abroad.

The most common places where belongings are left behind include:

Changi Airport 🛫
Local Hotels 🏩

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I key in as the shipper?

You can indicate your own name as both the shipper and the recipient.

Sender’s contact: Your WhatsApp number
Pickup contact's mobile: Hotel’s number/ Lost and found’s general hotline / contact of person handing over the item

What do I have to provide for lost and found collection at Changi Airport?

A signed authorization letter
A copy of your passport
Any additional information to note (eg. pass to be collected, collection point, identification requirements, who to look for)

Will you prepare an airway bill for the collection?

No, unlike other courier services, your items will be brought back to our warehouse for packing and processing.
The airway bill and commercial invoice will only be generated once package has been processed, and package will be shipped out directly from our warehouse.
Therefore, when our courier comes to collect the items, they will only require the authorization form and a copy of your passport. They will not bring along the airway bill for the shipment.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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