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Will you help to pack or seal up my parcel during pick-up?

While our couriers won't pack or seal your parcels during pick-up, rest assured, your items are in safe hands. Our well-trained drivers 🚚 guarantee a swift and secure transfer from your doorstep to our warehouse.

Preparing for your Pick-up

If you're shipping a large number of miscellaneous items and have engaged our packing services, we recommend placing your items in disposable bags for easy handling by our driver.
For shipments with multiple small, fragile items that lack external protection, such as shipping 24 wine glasses as is, we recommend reaching out to us via WhatsApp with images of your items.
Our customer service team can then assess your shipment and make special arrangements if needed.
This could include preparing protective material for the courier to pad your items with before placing them into a box.

What happens after Pick-Up

Once your items reach our warehouse, they are in the hands of our experienced packing team, equipped with advanced packing technology 📦🔧.
This combination of expertise and technology ensures your parcels are packed and sealed according to international shipping standards.
This efficient process not only guarantees the safety of your items but also allows us to pass on cost savings to you 💰.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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