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What services do you provide?

🎯 Our Core Service:

Cheap and Fast International Shipping from Singapore to anywhere worldwide ✈️: Your package is tracked and delivered to-door via air within 2-5 working days, excluding delays. Get a quote based on package weight and dimensions.

🎁 Our Free Add-Ons:

Doorstep Pickup 🏠: Schedule a pickup from anywhere in Singapore on your preferred day (Monday-Saturday). You'll receive a message with the ETA of your collection. See Pickup FAQs.

Customs Documentation Review 📝: Avoid common customs pitfalls with our expert review service. We'll proof-read your customs documentation once you’ve submitted your shipment form. See Shipping Restriction FAQs.

Tax Visibility 💰: No hidden costs here. We provide visibility on taxes even before you place an order. See Taxes FAQs.

💼 Our Paid Add-Ons:

Custom Packing 📦: We pack your items to international shipping standards. Prices start from SGD 4. Available for both regular and fragile items. Get a quote on our rate calculator. See Packing FAQs.

Shipping Insurance 🛡️: Protect your shipment from loss, damage, and theft. Insurance is pegged at 2.4% of your declared value. See Insurance FAQs.

Storage Services 📦: Not ready to ship your packages yet? Storage is chargeable at $0.6/kg monthly (based on chargeable weight). Interested? Email at for more details!

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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