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Can anyone register for an account and ship with JustShip?

Yes, we welcome everyone to register for an account.

When you register for an account with JustShip, it makes order submission, tracking and management of your orders a whole lot easier!

Some features you get to enjoy:

Get-a-quote! 💸

You’ll be able to find out easily and quickly how much it costs to ship your items from Singapore.

Easy submission of your shipment order 🛫

You’ll get to schedule your pick up/drop off on your preferred date or time. Payment is also completed online, so you will not have to go through the hassle of contacting us to do so.

Customer Dashboard 🌞

Manage your shipment orders as an account user. You’ll enjoy features such as saving sender/recipient’s details and box dimensions, tracking your packages, downloading invoice/receipts, and viewing your shipment history.

Click here to register for your very own JustShip account!

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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