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What packing services do you offer?

We offer packing services for all sorts of items!

Once you have opted for our packing services, we will assess and pack your items in a suitable packaging (eg. polymailer, envelope, standard sized carton box, customized carton box, crate)
We will also ensure that the volumetric weight is kept to a minimum so you save on shipping costs

Where is the packing done?

Packing will be done at our warehouse.

We do not offer on site packing at your address at the moment.

How do you charge for packing?

Packing starts from SGD 4, and will depend on your item’s specific needs. Packing cost usually varies according to the size (measurements) and fragility of your items.

My items are very fragile, how will you pack them?

Fragile packing services are customised to your shipment specific needs.

For very large or complex shaped items and fragile items like paintings, glassware, electronics, machineries and more, WhatsApp us directly at 91187971 or email us at for a quote from our customer service officer.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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