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What other forms/permit will I need to ship my item?

Typically, most shipments will not require an import permit or any additional customs form besides the shipment form on our website.

Customs will only request for additional information, forms or permits in the situations stated below:
If item commodities were inaccurately and insufficiently declared.
If items were restricted/prohibited to ship.
Destination country decides that your shipment will require an import permit to ship.
Customs requires more information to determine the import charges for your shipment.

As JustShip does not offer customs brokerage services, we can only advise based on our research and past experiences, which should not be taken prescriptively. If you’re unsure about your shipment and would require more information, you may reach out to the destination country’s customs directly to enquire. Please note that any return charges arising from a rejected shipment will be fully borne by the shipper.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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