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My package seems to be rejected and getting returned back to SG. What should I do?

On rare occasions, parcels might face rejection based on the government mandate of the destination country.

At JustShip, we strive to guide our customers on customs requirements to prevent such occurrences.

This is usually due to:
Prohibited/Restricted Items: The contents of the package may fall under restricted categories.
Non-Payment of Taxes/Duties: Taxes or duties were not paid within the specified deadline provided by customs.
Uncontactable Recipient: FedEx/Customs were unable to reach recipient for customs related or delivery requirements.
Failure to provide required documents/information: Information required for clearance was not duly submitted within deadline.

Available Solutions:
Return Shipment: This may incur approximately 150% of the original shipping cost.
Disposal at Customs: Subject to approval, although this is not often granted.

Please note that we do not provide a brokerage service, and our pricing model allows us to offer anecdotal advice rather than definitive guidance.

Based on our experience, only 1% of our shipments encounter return situations.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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