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Relocation services to UK

Find out more about our relocation services here.

What is the estimated cost to ship?

We charge via actual or volumetric (length x width x height) weight, whichever higher.

A popular and practical box size for relocation is our standard 17kg box (56 x 43 x 35) cm. If the actual weight of the box is under 17kg, the cost to ship 1 such box from Singapore to UK will be approx. $296. This cost includes regular packing and shipping costs, and excludes optional insurance cost, and import charges if any.


As a rough gauge:

20kg - $310

50kg - $1082

70kg - $1515

100kg - $2054

150kg - $3080

200kg - $4107

*please note prices excludes optional insurance & packing costs, and import charges if any.


Key information to note:

  1. Ensure there are no β›” restricted/prohibited β›” items within your packages. You may refer to this link as a guideline on what not to include!
  1. You should have a clear list of commodities. As you fill up your shipment form, you’ll be required to list down the items you are shipping. You do not need to list and specify them individually (eg. 1 hair tie, 3 towels and 5 combs) - but you should still be concise and clear.
      • Used Clothings
      • Used Photoframes
      • Used kitchenware
      • Used Shoes

Duties & taxes?

  • Based on, you may get tax relief from customs charges for personal belongings and other goods, when transferring your place of residence to:
    • Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)
    • Northern Ireland from outside the EU
  • If you are eligible for the ToR (Transfer of Residence) relief, you may apply for it here.
  • If you are applying for ToR relief, do remember to opt for receiver to pay for taxes & duties so you will not have to make upfront payment for import charges. Pre-paid charges will not be refunded!
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