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What details do I need to fill up the shipment form?

The completed shipment form will be used to generate your shipping label and commercial invoice. To ensure a smooth shipping process for your parcels, it is important that the details on the form are filled in accurately.


Here’s a brief walk through on the shipment form:

1️⃣ Sender’s details:

Point of contact for packing and billing of the shipment. Usually the person who initiates and is “in-charge” of the shipment. Tracking details will be sent to the sender via email once package is shipped out.

2️⃣ Recipient’s details:

Super important information. FedEx will reach out to recipient via phone call/email if they require more information for clearance/delivery of shipment.


We’ve had packages rejected and returned back to Singapore due to uncontactable recipient, so do ensure that the recipient number is valid and accurate!


For those who are unable to provide recipient’s contact number/email, you may indicate your local number as the recipient’s contact number if you understand and accept the risks of the package getting returned.

3️⃣ Package details:

Notion image
Notion image

Value of items

How much the items are worth, could be the actual cost of items (if they are new) or their replacement cost too.


Weight of items

A rough estimate will do!

4️⃣ Add Ons: Insurance, Duties & Taxes

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Cost of insurance is 2.4% of the declared value of your items.

More so than insurance, it scopes the maximum liability that FedEx will take for your shipment if it was damaged/lost in transit. Do note that it is claimant's responsibility to prove actual damages, and any damage caused by insufficient packing will not be qualified for claims.


Taxes & Duties

Once the total value of shipment exceeds the tax & duty threshold, most - if not all shipments will be taxed. This includes personal effects, gifts & returning shipments.


If you are confident that the items will not be taxed, you can choose to have the charges paid by recipient instead. That will mean that you will not be required to make any upfront payment for duties & taxes prior to your shipment.

If there are any import charges incurred for your shipment, it will be billed to your recipient directly after parcel arrives at the destination country. Package will be only released for delivery after payment of the charges.


On the other hand, if you’d like all shipment charges to be paid upfront, you may opt for sender to pay for the import charges. Find out the benefits of having your shipment delivered duty paid here.


5️⃣ Review:

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Quote (TBC at warehouse)

The quote here is an estimation of your shipping cost based on the information you have declared. The cost of your shipping will only be finalized after we verify your package details & measurements. You will be notified via WhatsApp if there are payment adjustments to your shipping cost.


If you’ve undeclared the dimensions/weight, we’ll request for a top up. If you’ve overdeclared, we’ll refund you the excess paid!

6️⃣ Pick up or Drop off?

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Pick Up

Find out more information on our free pick up service here!


Drop Off

Schedule a drop off at our office warehouse @ 71 Ubi Cres, #04-12 Singapore 408571.

Find out more information on drop offs here!

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7️⃣ Final Step: Payment

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Once you’ve reached this page, we should have received your order in our systems.

If you are unable to pay via PayNow/credit card, we do accept bank transfers and Paypal (incl. 5% transaction fee) upon request. You may Contact us on WhatsApp if you require our assistance!

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