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Why was I asked to make a top up?

If all your shipment information has been accurately filled up via the shipment form, you will typically not be required to make a top up for your order.

Here are the most common reasons for top up:

Pick Up surcharge

Eg. Failed pick up, Rescheduling of pick up.

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Underdeclared dimensions or weight of your package

We charge based on actual or volumetric (length x width x height/5000), whichever higher.
After your package arrives at our warehouse, it will go through a package verification process. If you have undeclared the measurements of your parcel, you will be required to top up for your shipment order. Top ups under $2 will be waived.
Similarly, if you have overdeclared the measurements, you will receive a refund for the excess paid.
For parcel measurements, do remember to account for bulging and leave a buffer as a 1 cm deviation could move your parcel into the next 0.5kg of chargeable weight (actual or volumetric, higher of the two) and accordingly, the next price bracket.

Increase in import charges after amendment of your commodities list

To accurately calculate the import charges for your shipment, it is important that your items are all declared and categorized correctly.
If there are amendments on the item category and value of your shipment, import charges will be recalculated and you may be required to top up for the additional import charges. This is applicable for orders that have import charges paid by the sender.

Special add ons for your shipment

Special services such as direct signature & additional pick up will incur extra cost. These surcharges will be included into the final bill for your shipment.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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