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Why are there import charges incurred to my shipment?

Once the value of your shipment exceeds the tax & duty threshold for the country you are shipping to, Most - if not all shipments will be taxed. This includes personal effect, gift shipments and returning shipments.

Do note for the latter, that package will only be released for delivery after payment is made by the recipient.
You may choose to have import charges prepaid by the sender, or billed to your recipient after package has been shipped.

What happens if my recipient does not pay for the import charges billed to him/her?

If import charges are not duly paid for, package will not be released for delivery.

After deadline of payment, package will be returned back to Singapore at shipper's cost.
To avoid getting into such a situation, opt for DDP (delivered duty paid) where a fixed upfront charge is quoted to you and paid for, even before the parcel is shipped out of Singapore.

For more benefits of DDP, check out our article here.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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