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What Gifts Can I Ship?

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More Choices: Unlike other couriers, we don't impose blanket bans on food, liquids, supplements, or electronics.

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Your Responsibility: With greater freedom comes the need to know what you can and can't ship internationally.

Read on for the specific dos and don'ts of shipping with us.

Food 🥕🥫🍔

Yes, you can ship food items overseas! However, each country has unique restrictions on types of food allowed. Check our guide on shipping food overseas for country-specific information. For the mooncake festival, you may also want to see this guide to shipping mooncakes.


🥤 Consumable liquids (honey, water, juices, etc.) are generally accepted as non-hazardous.

🧼 Other items like shower gel, soap, cleaning products, and essential oils can typically be shipped in small quantities (~100ml each, 1-5 bottles). If you would like to ship any more than that, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is necessary to verify if it's a Dangerous Good.

☣️ Risky liquids (hair dye, paint, acetone, aerosol sprays, nail polish) likely qualify as Dangerous Goods, requiring special procedures and extra fees (typically $200+).

Always pack liquids carefully to prevent leakage. More details can be found in our guide on packing and shipping liquids.

Please note: Malaysia and Spain do not accept cosmetic products, and Malaysia restricts shipments of toiletries beyond a one-month supply.

Supplements and Medicines 💊

In our experience, certain countries have rejected medication shipments, including the United States, Spain, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Malaysia. For these countries, import permits, customs approval, or valid prescriptions are required. Customs may also require a letter explaining the import reason and detailed medication ingredient information.

Other than the above mentioned countries, most other countries typically accept shipments of medicine and supplements if they are under one month’s supply.

Electronics 📱💻

Most electronics are safe to ship with us, such as phones, earphones, desktops, and most laptops.

Those containing larger lithium batteries such as some gamer laptops might be categorised as dangerous goods, in which case they will require added paperwork and significant add-on charges, upwards of $180, to ship.

Other Safe Items

Clothing & Textiles
Books & Stationary
Toys & Games

Customs Intervention: What to Expect

Customs authorities have the right to detain any package if they suspect it contains prohibited or restricted items. This can lead to delays in delivery, and in some cases, your shipment may be returned and incur return charges.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so do your research! If you need further support, you can find us on WhatsApp or email at

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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