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Tips on Shipping Gifts

Sending a gift to a loved one across the borders?

Here's what you need to know to make the process as smooth as possible:

Timing Your Surprise - Be in the Know
Shiptime: Expect 2-5 working days, but always plan for possible customs delays.

Keeping It a Surprise - Some Considerations
Surprise Element: You are allowed to replace the recipient's contact details with yours to keep it secret.
Risks: This might slow down clearance or even lead to failed delivery.
Return Charges: If rejected, you'll bear full return charges.

Avoiding Customs Hassles - Make It Easy
No Restricted Items: Ensure you aren't shipping anything restricted or prohibited.
Complete Information: Provide accurate and full details to us.
Prepaid Duties [DDP]: Pay all customs charges upfront to avoid recipient involvement

Privacy & Content - No Spoilers Here
No Content Disclosure: Shipping labels won't reveal what's inside. Commercial invoices are electronic and not visible on the parcel.

The Gift of Thoughtful Shipping

By understanding these aspects of gift shipping, you can send your thoughtful surprise with confidence and care. It's not just the gift that counts; it's the way you send it. Make it memorable and delightful with JustShip.

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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