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Relocation Services to DE

Planning to move to Germany? JustShip offers a fast and hassle-free relocation service with transparent pricing and clear guidelines. From packing to customs clearance, we've got you covered. Just follow our simple steps to ensure a hassle-free relocation.

Estimate Your Cost

We charge based on actual or volumetric weight. When getting a quote with us, simply add up the chargeable weight for each box to get your shipment weight and cost. Here's a guide to your approximate cost for various weights from SG to DE:

A popular box size for relocation is our standard 17kg box (56 x 43 x 35 cm)

1 box β†’ 17kg β†’ SGD 265.45
5 boxes β†’ 85kg β†’ SGD 1345.45
10 boxes β†’ 170kg β†’ SGD 2620.45
20 boxes β†’ 340kg β†’ SGD 5170.45

Note: Prices exclude optional insurance, packing costs, and import charges if any. You can estimate those costs directly on our shipment form.

What You Should Know

Avoid Restricted Items: Check the restricted items list

Itemize Your Shipment: Please ensure you provide a comprehensive list of the categories of items you are shipping using our shipment form. Here’s an example:
Used Clothings
Used Photoframes
Used kitchenware
Used Shoes

Declare Items' Value Accurately: Inaccurate declarations have led to lengthy verification processes in the past, causing delays.

Duties & Taxes

Tax Threshold: 0 Euro. Most shipments will be taxed.

Duty Threshold: Approximately 150 EURO (210 SGD). Different item categories will have their relevant duties charged.

Estimate Import Charges: Fill in your shipment details here to get an estimated quote.

Optional Charges Handling: Choose to have charges paid by the recipient, if you believe the items will not be taxed. This means no upfront payment for duties & taxes. If any import charges are incurred, they will be billed to your recipient directly.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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